About us

Andrelia Paphos Ltd is a family company with years of experience in woodworking works at residences, hotels and shops. We also renovate any place in a short term, always depended on the project and what the customers want.

The name of the company came out from the founder of the family; “Andreou Elias”. The company was “born” in Paphos and has been activated there for many years, and because of that it had its own part in the name of company “Andrelia Paphos Ltd”.

The company now is settled at Paliometocho village in Nicosia. There are the factory where we make all the products and a 1200m 2 showroom with the offices above it at the first floor. We have contemporary machines in order to serve our best result.

We have a huge range of products, providing solutions to everyone and every challenge rises.


Products are manufactured in our own factory with European standards. We pay attention to detail and are able to construct and manufacture many projects in the same time. We also provide technical support after the complement of any project.

Our company assume small and large projects, but for us a project is a project, no matter what are its requests.

The objective of the company is the satisfaction of our clients, such as in the quality level as in our quick delivery and services.

Our expects, staff and designers are working hard to design yours space by operating and providing intelligent solutions.

Some of our projects can convince you about the quality of our company:

  • “Anassa” Hotel in Latchi, Paphos
  • “Aphrodite Hills Intercontinental Resort” - Villas & Hotel IN Paphos
  • New Court of Law in Limassol
  • Sports Centre in Argos Village
  • “Central” (Chapo Ltd – Central – Block of 70 + flats) in the center of Nicosia
  • Limassol Marina – Marina Area & Villas
  • “Pantheon” & “Ayia Marina” lodging in Kalopanayiotis village
  • “Epikentro” Museum in Kalopanayiotis village
  • “Leventio” Museum in Nicosia
  • “Stelios Ioannou” Resource Centre – Library of the University of Cyprus of Jean Nouvel architect
  • “Sabai” restaurant & lounge bar (2013-2015)

A personal meeting in our exhibition space will offer you the opportunity to rate our high quality and aesthetic of our company.